Bohemian Hairsticks – Sun Goddess


Invite a flair for the exotic into your wardrobe with these beautiful hairsticks.  They’re made of intricate carved bone with geometric patterns, and adorned with stylized sun beads in your choice of antique copper, gold, or silver.


-Carved bone hair sticks

-Choose three metal colors: Copper, Gold, or Silver

-Choose two colors of hair sticks: Ivory or Black



If your closet overflows with hippie, ethnic, or bohemian clothing, you’ll love these hairsticks!  The sticks themselves come two colors – ivory with dark lines, for those of us who tend to wear more light-toned boho clothing, or black with ivory lines, for those of us who like dark and bold attire.

The bead at the end most reminds me of an Aztec-inspired sun, but if you’re into Steampunk, I think it looks a lot like a gear too!  Personally I find that these are the hairsticks I wear most out of my collection – they are so easy to match with my style.  I’m sure you’ll love them too!

~ Sizing ~

Beaded Length of Hair Sticks: 1 3/8”

Usable Length: These sticks are hand carved and made of bone. The length varies slightly from 4 inches to 4 1/2 inches. 

Weight: .8 oz/25 grams per pair

~ Materials ~

-hat pin

-zinc alloy sun bead and metal beads (All lead free)

-bone bead

-bone hair sticks



Additional information


hat pin, zinc alloy sun bead and metal beads (all lead free), small bone beads, bone hair sticks, resin, glue


.8 oz/25 grams per pair

Usable Length of Hair Sticks

4" – 4 1/2"


Gold and Ivory, Gold and Black, Copper and Ivory, Copper and Black, Silver and Ivory, Silver and Black


Pair of Hair Sticks, Single Hair Stick


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