Purple Medieval Dragon Headdress


Feel majestic when you don this magnificent headdress. You will look and feel beautiful while wearing this statement piece.

~ Features ~

– Three beautiful purple paua shells

– A large dragon positioned on the forehead

– Draping chain to add elegance


You will love this medieval dragon headdress. It features a brilliant purple cameo in the center with a flying dragon suspended below. Two more purple cameos are positioned on the side. Elegant chain drapes in three different lengths to each side, and little dangling beads add extra sparkly. This headdress is conveniently resizable with a lobster clasp, and the chain that goes on top of the head secures the headdress even more. 

Wear this dragon headdress to a Renaissance festival or for a medieval themed wedding. You will look beautiful no matter the occasion.

~ Measurements ~

I have captured the final picture against a one inch grid. Are you looking for more specific measurements? If so, see below for the breakdown.

~ Materials ~

  • Stainless steel chain, jump rings, headpins, and wire
  • Zinc alloy metal beads, charms, and connectors (lead free)
  • Glass pearl beads
  • Purple paua shells


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