Metal Tassel Hair Sticks | Om, Hamsa, Snake, Pentacle, Moon


The tassels on these hair sticks are fantastically long and will dance in your hair. Have fun with these hair sticks.


  • all metal design to go with your favorite outfit, no matter the color
  • 5 charms to choose from
  • perfect for long or thick hair


This beautiful all metal design of hairsticks is perfect for any outfit and any color. Have fun with your updo when you wear these long tassel hair sticks.

A simple metal hair stick is topped with a cone bead cap. Coming out the top is a small metal ring with a charm connected to it. Hanging from the charm is a long tassel. Each tassel features a small spike dangling from each chain of the tassel.

~ Sizing ~

Usable length of hairsticks: 6 1/2”

Total length of hairsticks: 7 1/4”

Tassel length:

Snake: 4 1/8

Hamsa: 4 1/4

Om: 4 1/4

Moon: 4 1/8”

Weight: 1.2 oz/35 grams

~ Materials ~

  • Iron tassel
  • steel hairstick
  • zinc alloy charms and beads (all lead free)

Additional information


Iron tassel, Steel hairstick, zinc alloy beads and charms (lead free)


1.2 oz/35 grams per pair

Usable Length of Hair Sticks

6 1/2”

Tassel Length

Snake:4 1/8”, Hamsa: 4 1/4”, Om: 4 1/4”, Moon:4 1/8”


Antique Silver


Om, Pentacle, Moon, Snake, Hamsa


Pair of hair sticks, Single hair stick


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